The Commutamatic Series, etc.
My EVs

last updated 5/2019

Commutamatic I

This is my first, an electric tilting three-wheeler, the Commutamatic.

Commutamatic II: Maxion

This is my second, a more advanced electric tilting three-wheeler, the Commutamatic II: Maxion.

Commutamatic III: Trimaxion

This is my third, an electric non-tilting three-wheeler, designed after Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Car. Commutamatic III:Trimaxion.

Commutamatic IV: TriHy

This is my fourth, an electric non-tilting three-wheeler. It's a 1965 Lambro 550 by Innocenti electrified. It is on its way to being a hybrid electric three ways (thus the name, TriHy):  1) diesel electric, 2) the diesel part is on a trailer and removable, and 3) it will burn biodiesel, petrodiesel, and striaght vegetable oil and used vegetable oil).. Commutamatic IV: TriHy.

Commutamatic V: Seep-E (maybe), an amphib

Huge milestone, August 2015: street legal. AC drive, 4WD (JeepYJ chassis) and DUKW-ish... almost. NEXT step is to make it float! Here, old friend Tom makes his first payment on a new carboat at Larz, September 2016.

"Seep" was the nickname of the WWII amphibious Jeep (or GPA, "General Purpose, Amphibious"). Seep-E for an electric one of those. Kind of. I still need a better name.

It'll get its own page soon.


Vespa 400

Just getting started on this one. Cool car, cool story! Vespa 400.

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