Commutamatic III

updated 7/04

This is the story of the Trimaxion, my third electric vehicle.

It is inspired in no small way by Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion car from the 1930s. I got to see that car in Reno, Nevada in the summer of 2000. Here's what I learned about the Dymaxion.

Then comes my version. Smaller, electric, etc., and rougher, I predict with certainty, than Fuller's three prototypes. The story goes like this:

Chapter One, in which an E-Z-GO golf car is radically changed
Chapter Two, in which the Trimaxion makes a proof-of-concept test drive
Chapter Three, in which there's a big push to get the Trimaxion ready for The Microcar and Minicar Classic
Chapter Four, in which I make a first commute, and other red-letter days in the first year of operation.
Chapter Five, in which the vehicle is mechanically complete.(Summer '03)
Chapter Six, in which mechanical completeness is dis-declared in favor of some good-sized changes. (Spring '04)
Chapter Seven, in which I swear off rear-wheel steering and pursue a front-wheel drive, front-wheel steering solution. (Summer '04)

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