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1959 Vespa 400

last updated 6/21/2019

Part VI - Up and running

June 19th...





With the brakes freshened up, two new giubos, one half-shaft replaced with a used one and the other straightened, a lot of cleaning, etc, the last step is a good polishing. There's a good place near me with an owner who is a paint nerd in the best sense. He gave the paint a test rub and made his call... and I have an appointment for a day before Gould's Microcar and Minicar Classic. Woot!

Brian's test polish. Woah!

Among the features of 43 years of storage is a permantent shadow. It seems the car was near sunlight, but only at a particular angle. The paint where the resulting shadow was is much less faded than the rest of that side of the car. Interesting!

Permanent shadow. Think how constrained the incident light had to have been to leave such a perfect reminder!

July 11th...

...what magic is this?!

Brian and co. at Auto Manicures in Maynard MA. Go, team! I've been told to go to these guys for a while... forever a fan, now!

I mean, come ON!

Now it's ready to party with its microcar cousins... Part VII!

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