Commutamatic II

development log, part nine

in which the Maxion is disassembled

last updated 12/17/00

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The story resumes now, with cost so far: $2910. Total time so far: 430 hours.

No seat, no batteries, no controller... Stripped dowm, the vehicles is on its way to dissolution.

Rear view. Could be on the construction end, but it's on the way to pieces.

Views of the central frame. It leaned, housed all the batteries, and had the "pilot's" compartment within.

Horizontal frameset, upper and lower. These pieces stayed parallel to the ground even when the trike was leaning.

A pair of rear drives. Each side of the Maxion had its own drive motor. Here are the twin rear drive units, each with its motor, suspension, brakes, and mounting points (see the shiny rod ends) where the tilt was allowed.

Bone pile. I later cut up most of what's in this pile into reusable lengths.

It began in October of 1998 and now, by November of 2000, it's gone. It's sad to see it all go, but I need the space and the components back. Part of it will likely be incorporated into a project for high school students this spring ('01), parts of it will find their way into the Trimaxion.

See it lean. R.I.P.

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