Commutamatic III
development log, part two

in which the Trimaxion makes a proof-of-concept test drive

last updated 1/15/01

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Old and new. The Maxion (left) and the Trimaxion together. Note also the ElecTrak 36vdc lawn tractor behind the two vehicles.

Old and new, more. The Trimaxion has smaller wheels, but much heavier suspension.

Out for a spin. The two batteries in the back provide the 12v auxiliary power... which for the test drive means powering just two contactors. I intend to have 12 6v batteries for the traction pack, instead of the 6 6v battery pack I put together for the test drive.

You can see, along the right side of the vehicle, the push-pull rod that brings steering forces from the steering wheel in the front to the wheel that does the steering in the back. It drove smoothly and beautifully.

Note that the front end looks kind of low. I have ordered and received new leaf springs for the drive wheels.

Winter Welding

In January, I had a Saturday afternoon to weld. With the leaf springs to replace, I tool the main axle/differential/motor unit out.

Here's a shot of one of the new spring (black) and one of the old one.

Laying on the right side. Gravity helps an arc weld.

Tickling the belly of the vehicle. What a comfortable height for welding!

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