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1959 Vespa 400

last updated 03/21/2020

Part IX - Time to Modernize   

Step1. Lighten up.

The old forklift motor.

The Vespa 400 comes apart pretty nicely for access to the engine bay. In this pic, I've already removed the rack of relays and the field-weakening resistor coil (and one other relay that did an armature current boost).

Motor out.

Some pretty simple, but accurate (and that's the thing!) motor adapter work. Shaft reciever had two set screws pinning the key in the keyway, just like anything. Might have been a little longer than it needed to be, hanging that hefty motor farther aft.

Look at that beast!

Heavy. Heavy, heavy, heavy.

Oh. I see. More than 185 pounds.

That explains why it hurt so much putting it on the scale!

Goodnight, little car.

Nice module of work. Between relays, cabling, and the motor, that's about 200 lbs lighter. New motor will be less than half as heavy. 


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