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TTW - Tilting Three Wheelers
Mitch Casto's Research
List Of All Motorized Tilting Three-wheelers on WWW

last updated 2/2005

List Of All Motorized Tilting Three-wheelers on www ( by Mitch Casto, )

Alexander, Lee ITS Research Project Lateral Stability of a Narrow Commuter Vehicle

Aprilia Los Angeles English

Aprilia Los Angeles NVC 3 cyberscooter prove

Aprilia Los Angeles MCN magazine English

Aprilia NVU 3 Cossalter Development of a novel three-wheeled vehicle


Aprilia NVU 3

Ariel 3 Development History Back to Back

Ariel 3 in Museum of Transport in Glasgow's ACROSS THE BORDER

Ariel 3 Christmas Cracker

Ariel 3 Proper Attire

Ariel 3 French site

Ariel 3 in English museum Ramsgate Motor Museum

Ariel Three website

Arreger ARMEC Sidecar Company CityMobil

Bend Motors Shredder Home

Bettazzi Fabio Bettazzi's design projects home page

Bischoff, Hermann Bischoff 1:4 scale model inspired by the GM Lean Machine 29"

BMW C-1 TT about 1990
BMW Museum Munich

BMW labeled TT model rear view

BMW labeled TT model front view

BMW labeled TT Design Drawings

Calleja Carlos Calleja THREE WHEELS VEHICLE

Calleja on Ducati website



Choi Jungkyu Choi Car Design News - Portfolios

Cotignano Corrado Cotignano - industrial designer - Stage Honda R&D Europe - Disegni Final

Daihatsu Hallo photo [ scroll down ]

Derbi ( Piaggio ) Stealth by Eivind Halseth

Dold, Bruno Dold Projekte - Fahrzeugtechnik - D2 von Bruno Dold - Solarverein München

Dycus, Jerry Dycus Solar Scooter 1F1T

Edwards Larry K. Edwards with RQ Riley Project 32 Slalom

Edwards Larry K. Edwards interview

Electrathon Design Rules permit leaning vehicles

Electro Air Bike

Foale, Tony Foale QT

Foss Phil Foss Electric wide track

GCH Design Georgi Chervendinev design drawings

Girardi Philippe Girardi

GM Lean Machine photos of the aluminum bodied prototype

GM Lean Machine concept drawings Al Yu Car Design 4 - Future Vehicles

Graveley Nick Graveley in MCN magazine Sept. 2001

Graveley Nick Graveley Coventry University Design Degree Show 2001

Graveley Nick Graveley

Guastalla Eli E. Guastalla Design Drawings Meccanica e trasporti

Hazlinger Marek Hazlinger Design Drawings

Honda Gyro Canopy Japanese Individuals Site

Honda Gyro enthusiast in Japan Going Fast !

Honda Gyro company which restores old Gyros

Honda Gyro Racing

Honda Gyro Honda Gyro Yasunari Utaka Modified Thank You!

Honda Gyro Repair Manuals in English

Honda Gyro Roadfox enthusiast Japan

Honda Gyro S American enthusiast

Honda Gyro Japanese enthusiast

Honda Gyro Canopy Official Honda Japan website

Honda Gyro company selling new Gyros

Honda Gyro Japanese owner / enthusiast

Honda Gyro Japanese Gyro enthusiast's bulletin board

Honda Gyro Canopy company selling/ exporting used ones

Honda Gyro company in England which exports worldwide

Honda Gyro Canopy Japanese guy doing a Wheelie

Honda Gyro Canopy Heaven John Mason England

Honda Gyro Stream photo

Honda Gyro Stream 1/16 scale resin model kit by Otaki OT 7 12 Zerohan Series

Honda Gyro Up on official Honda Japan website

Honda Gyro X on official Honda Japan website

Ingram Cliff Ingram design drawing

Infante Mario Infante

Inovo company Maurizio Ficcadenti TT design drawings [ click 3 ]

Italjet Tartatre ( renamed ? Scooop )

Italjet Scooop

Jephcott Edmund Jephcott CityMobile Micro

Lange Bob Lange Electric TT [ dead link ]

Legeay Oliver Legeay Rennes INSA college France Shell EcoMarathon

Lotus Extreme Tilting 4 Wheeler 2000

Matthies Lawayne Matthies Tiltster

Menicucci Luigi Menicucci Variable-Trim-Vehicle

Mercedes LifeJet F300 Official Site [ Choose Innovation / Tomorrow's Mobility / F 300 Life-Jet ]

Mercedes LifeJet F300 Emrich Design

Mercedes LifeJet F300 Aachen technical school where designed [ see section 5.1 ]
Search using Kurvenneiger and Aachen click Cached

Mercedes LifeJet F300 article by Jack Yamaguchi

Morrow Paul Morrow Zark 1500 design model

Mother Earth News 3VG

Mother Earth News 3VG

MotoCrab [ MotoCrabe ? ]
link is dead. But this was an unbodied tt seen in Paris France in the 1980's as a street legal vehicle.

Neander Ernst Neumann Neander

Newell Malcolm Newell [ deceased ] TT prototype

Patin Pierre Patin Autostable and Tiltable Low Width Vehicle [ dead link ]

Peugeot Motorcycles L'AUTO-JOURNAL (24/8/00) et L'AUTOMOBILE MAGAZINE (Septembre 2000) announced that Peugeot was designing a city vehicle tt, but we have no other information. ( English ) ( French ) ( Japanese )

PGO T-Rex ( saw photo in French MotoRevue magazine, but not on www )

Porter Bradley Porter

Protos Ellisse [ not sure of the correct company in Milan Italy ]

Renault Ublo ( Benelli collaboration ) [ nothing about the Ublo ]

Richardson Mike Richardson with James Sulman Millenium Motorcycle Tracer

Riley RQ Riley XR3

Rinspeed Advantage tilting 4 wheeler

Sbarro Bi-moto Scorpius

Sanjuan Antonio C. B. Sanjuan tilters

Starkey Bob Starkey Lean Dream

Stout Colin Stout Honda CX 500 motorcycle 1f3t Trikes R Us club AWoL Bikers magazine

Tampa Trike

TechnoExtreme SteetBoard skateboard

Trautwein Wolfgang Trautwein Vespa TT
Trautwein Vespa in Saarland Museum Germany

Toyota Moguls Tilting 4 Wheeler for Offroad

Unicar Unisport

Vandenbrink Carver

Viza Go Ped

Vortex [ see links in menu on left side of screen ]

Vuillemin Thierry Vuillemin Dolphi car Shell EcoMarathon France

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau

ZEDIS Fiat Piaggio University of Bath

ZEDIS Fiat Piaggio Technical University of Berlin

ZEDIS Italian

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