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List Of All Human Powered Tilting Three-wheelers on WWW

last updated 2/2005

List Of All Human Powered Tilting Three-wheelers on www ( by Mitch Casto; )

Abilene Christian University Wildcat

Adcock Dennis Adcock - mentioned in British Human Power Club race result 2001

Apax Vehicle Developments Canada

Berger Warren Berger

Bender Rick Bender Pilot Lean-Steer Trike

Berkstresser Dave Berkstresser Vacuum Velocipede 1988 ? [ not sure if this is the V V ]

Bion Wolfgang Bion Koln Germany

Bird Roy Bird Triad

Birkenstock Thomas Birkenstock Astar enclosed hpv

BMW Streetcarver Skateboard

Bochum technical college Germany Virage 2000
English summary :

Bokhorst Frank Bokhorst Flevo Tilting Trike Redesign

Bokhorst Frank Bokhorst TILT STEERING DESIGN

Brike Trike Lean Steering ( see also Handibike )

Brooke Tony Brooke Leaning tadpole trike

Brummer Tim Brummer tt hpv circa 1980 1F3Trws HPV Profiles T Brummer

Burrows, Mike Burrows Cyclops 1f2r pic seen in an East German HPV book from IHPVA library

California Chariot Company

Case Bryan Case [trikes] Leaning tadpole trike

Cech Dan Cech Leaning Trike

Christ Wolfgang Christ SWINGLE Dreirad Kurvenneiger Northeim Germany technical school

Delaire Steve Dealaire who built hpv TT mountan bike trike Rotator Recumbent Bicycles Home Page

Delaire Steve Delaire Big Cat Recumbent Trikes and Human Powered Vehicles

E-Balance Scooter

Flevotrike ligfietsen - Trike Nice Site

Flevotrike electric Fahrrad und Transport

Flevotrike photos

Franke : Matthias Franke

Freewheel leaning trike Canterbury college New Zealand early 1990's [ Dead Link ]

Fun Cycle and Banana Peel Series Lean Steering

Gallinsky Uwe Gallinsky Neigetechnik Dreiräd
Gaillot VI 50 child's riding toy

Girardi Philippe Girardi see Sweeler page

Gloger Stefan Pegasus Stefan Gloger AKASOL Germany crosswind stability

Gloger Stefan Pegaus Stefan Gloger enclosed hpv powerassist

Godber Geoff Godber-Ford's APB tricycle conversion moulton

Halls Products Handcycle - DEFIANT ZS

Handcycle Handbike - Produktbeschreibung Seite 1

Handcycle links maybe Austria Faszination Handbike

Handcycles U.S. Handcycling Federation

Handcycling Times - 1999 - Handcycle Resource Center - Starting Line - Ride your handcycle online here

Handibike Freedom Ryder in French ( same as Brike )

Honda Kick N Go nas 17 manuals Honda Inventory ( see also )

Hjordt Specialcykler Banana Trike for Children Lean to Steer

I GO student project technical university of Berlin Germany

I GO Kurvenleger I-GO II student project technical university of Berlin Germany

International Human Powered Vehicle Association see especailly Trikes

Invacare Handcycles View By Category-Sports & Recreation-03. Handcycles

Invacare Top End HANDCYCLING

Iverson Jørn Iversen WO 9925602

Johnson Ian Johnson Canada TT maybe built [trikes] Re Leaning trikes

Jouta and Flevo Recumbent Pics
Kavanagh Daniel Kavanagh S.U.V. ( Sensible Utility Vehicle )

Knoop, Sacha Knoop Driewiebel


Lester, Thom Lester

L.E. C.R.A.F.T. Tour. E.nergized C.ommuter R.ecumbent A.ero F.aired T.rike. A velocar


LITTLE TIKES TURBO BANKING JET Inventivo Product child's riding toy

MacMenemy Jamie MacMenemy Raider Trikes

Mattel X-15 Circa 1964 child's riding toy mass produced

Meyer Hubert Meyer Culty 2

Meyer Hubert Meyer Culty

Meyer Hubert Meyer Culty designer

Meyer Hubert Meyer Culty, ein Kult-Rad

Moonbuggy student competition of NASA [ some TTs have been built ]

P.[?], Gary P.

Pivit Rainer Pivit OLF - ein Fahrzeug der Zukunft [ not certain that this is a TT ]

Pro-Velo magazine articles Search with the word " kurven "

Raven Reviews and Criticism

Raven Recumbent Trike

Raven original version

Round Derek Round Gravity Racing ( downhills only ) Enclosed TT

Sakuma Saburo Sakuma ST Mfrg.

Schwarz Siegfried Schwarz Joydance
Schwarz : Siegfried Schwarz Joydance patent DE19921226 :

Siegel, Uli Siegel einen wunderbar schrottigen Dreirad- Kurvenleger

Sims Paul Sims Leaning Trikes descriptions

Sims Paul Sims leaning trike

Sims Paul Sims [trikes] Leaning low Part 2

Sims Paul Sims [trikes] Leaning low

Sims Paul Sim's Leaning Trike

Sims Paul Sims TT article

Sims Paul Sims : video shows Paul Sims leaning trike briefly.

Slida Canterbury college New Zealand 4 wheeled toy

Soohoo Wayne Soohoo Airleron and Zoetech

SooHooWayne Soohoo Leaning trike description (long) to Tim Taylor

SooHoo Wayne Soohoo Leaning trike description (long) to Tim Taylor

Soohoo Wayne Sohoo Hammacher Schlemmer

Soohoo leaning trike concept endorsed by Andy Frank

SooHoo Leaning trike description (long) by Tim Taylor

SooHoo Leaning trike impressions From Rick Wianecki!

Soohoo Leaning Trike Rick Horowitz

Soohoo upright tt HPV Bike Projects

Soohoo Zoetech Trike Ride Report

Soohoo Aileron on IHPVA site including a video

ST Mfr. Inc.

ST Mfr. Inc.


Stites Bill Stites Chameleon Trike

Sunday Lovely : Unknown builder submitted by Tim Smith made from adult tricycle

Trikke, a new concept over 3 wheels - what 2


Tridpendo critcism Bilder und Videos von der Spezialradmesse '99 in Germersheim

Unknown British Science Museum store in Wroughton (close to Swindon)

Van der Veer Designers MITKA official site in Dutch

Van der Veer Designers MITKA - Mobiliteitsconcept voor Individueel Transport op de Korte Afstand

Van der Veer Designers MITKA home

Van der Veer Designers MITKA

Van der Veer Designers MITKA

Van der Veer Designers MITKA on TNO site

Varna Innovation & Research Corp. - Superior Handcycles

Viktor tri-mobil Kurvenleger

Virage 2000 Bochum Germany Technical School

Wanee FlevoBike-Erik Wannee variation no. 6 improved tilting mechanism on trike back-piece.

Wening Heinz Wening and Bernhard Friedl Delta 2

Wienecki Rick Wianecki leantrike

Woods Robert Woods Leaning Delta Recumbent Trike

Wowerat Erhardt Wowerat

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