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Model A.S. 24

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A very nice Finn named Paul B. sent this item in in the spring of '99. He clipped these pictures, and added their captions...

from U.S.Military Wheeled Vehicles:
Another cross-country three-wheeler tested by the army was the FN Model A.S. 24, built by Fabrique National D'Armes De Guerre in Herstal, Belgium. First offered in 1962, it was tested by the US Army in May 1963. It weighed 374 pounds, and could carry 770 pounds of men and equipment. Standing only 2 feet 10 inches high, it used a model FN 24 engine, which was a two-cylinder, two-stroke, 15 cubic inch engine developing 15 horsepower. The cross-country characteristics, compared with the three-wheel version of the Jeep, were enhanced somewhat by the 12x22 Lypsoid tires. Only one was obtained for test purposes.

from Richard Rongstadt's article in the Soldier Of Fortune Magazine
1964 Operation Dragon Rouge (Red Dragon)
Stanleyville, Congo
Belgian Paracommandos armed with Vigneron 9mm M2 submachine guns on FN trikes speed across Stanleyville airport to rescue hostages being held/murdered by Simba rebels.

Thanks very much, Paul, for sharing these fascinating pictures of such a rare trike!

In March of 2003, Marnix, an owner of one of these fabulous machines, wrote to share pictures and some technical details. He wrote: "Here are one or two facts you can add to the text, such as:
- 250 cc, 2 cyl, 2stroke, kick start, 4 gear (no reverse), 3 wheels :-))))))
- this trike is foldable (for parachute drop[s])
- it came with its own trailer
- the dropping platform is the trailer (of which the wheels have been disconnected)
- total number made is around 460 (virtually all of them ended up in a Belgian Paratrooper unit)

Here's some photos from his files... click to enlarge.

Marnix added details.... on the steering.

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