Instantiations of the Dream:

Bob Starkey's
Tilting Three Wheeler Design
last updated 8/2/2000

Front View Rear View
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These are renderings of my Lean Dream. It's a TTW (Tilting Three Wheeler. I plan to start building this spring. The actual shape will change a little as I work the dimensions out in CAD. It'll be using a four cylinder engine and transmission from a small front wheel drive car.

Its designed to be for the Sports/Touring class of vehicle with a top speed between 100 to 120 miles per hour. It will be a single seater with limited storage and a overall height of about 42 inches or less. The suspension will be independent in the rear with a swing arm in front.

The body will be a fiberglass/foam composite with tube frame. The project will probable take at least one and a half to two years to complete due to limited funding and work area. Plans or kits might be a possibility for the future. As drawings, pictures and progress updates become available, they will be posted.

Speaking of which... here's the drive train now!

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