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They make the Montero and the Eclipse now, they made the Zero in WWII. Somewhere in between came the Silver Pigeon. Sold by Rockford Scooters of Rockford, Illinois in the 60's, the "pij" is another example of post-war industrial output. This one is a base model C-74. It's very rare, as most of the Pigeons sold were the C-75. They had a "vari-matic" transmission, horn, buddy seat and rear suspension. Only about 2,500 pigeons were ever sold in this country, we're told. Thanks, Chris, for sharing this beauty with all of us… it may be only one af about of 100 C-74's ever to make it to the US.

Silver Pigeon 5Silver Pigeon 4Silver Pigeon 6

Silver Pigeon 1Silver Pigeon 2Silver Pigeon 3

That sweet doggie is Josie. She's a Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon fan, awrighty.

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