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Our Moving Day

last updated 8/3/98

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It was not great, but as moving trucks tipping over go, it could have been worse.

It was May 20, 1997, and we were moving.

Bad tires, wet roads, and bad luck conspired to put our belongings sideways on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Newton. The newscast covering the crash and the resulting horrific traffic jam started like this…

Fox-TV announces our truck crashing

…and included video of the truck after it had been dragged to the roadside, but before traffic was let through. Click it to get a good look at the cars off to the horizon…

hours worth of delays

What did all those frustrated drivers get to read on their way by the truck? Why, in great big letters, though upside down, "We Make Moving Easy!"

We Make Moving Easy!

The fire fighters and state troopers were great: competent and efficient, yet polite and kind.

The tow-truck driver was brilliant: he righted the truck so very gently. I'm sure the damage would have been a lot worse if he had not been so skilled. Nice truck, too, by the way.

Even the moving company was pretty good: tire maintenance notwithstanding, they treated us just fine.

...and hey, no one got hurt.

Thanks, Jack Van Antwerp, for the jpg conversion formVHS.

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