December's feature


Wiimote Whiteboard!

My daughter wanted an interactive whiteboard ever since she was introduced to them in school. Thanks to Johnny Chung Lee and Uwe Schmidt for their freely available Wiimote hacks, and to Santa fro bringing a simple little gaming projector, we've got it!

Status: deployed and well loved.

TuxPaint, a free Mac OS X drawing package, is a perfect app for whiteboarding!

Infrared diode "pen" made from an old TV remode IR LED and a pair of AA batts.

The LED is mounted on the actuator of a microswitch. The stainless wire loop above/behind the LED is a stop to prevent overstressing the microswitch actuator.

Pressed against the table... the LED is lit, but it's IR so YOU can't see it... but the Wiimote can

Uwe Schmidt's Java-based Wiimote Whiteboard SW has this calibration screen.

About $150 for this LED projector. (LED! No expensive lamp to replace! Low light is the trade you make.)

An old G4 Macbook runs the show.

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