August's feature

F-150 e-conversion.

350 lbs of Cat forklift motor to drive an 80s full-sized F-series.

Watch your toes.

Status: work in process.

Steel tube mated to the splined section of a disassembled clutch plate. When welded to each other, this will be the shaft coupler from e-motor to truck transmission.

Same. Rather than broach (or I don't know what) splines on an inside of a tube, I elected to use a hardened steel pin... thus the hole through the tube walls.

View down the shaft.

7/8" plate on the bell housing of the old clutch. The tip if the tranny input shaft is visible in the center hole.

Same. Lots of room under the hood of an ol' F-Series!

Same plate as seen in the last two pictures, plus the shaft coupler from the first three pics. Now, though, the plate is mated to the motor instead of the bell housing. Note that the side of the plate seen in this picture was facing away in the previous two pictures.

Side view. 4" wide spacer plates hold the e-motor relative to the adapter plate. Essential for the motor output shaft and the tranny input shaft to be center-to-center (and, of course, parallel).

Next steps: The parts shown reliably locate the motor relative to the tranny, but not with all of the required strength. Now using the fixed relative position, though, I can relatively easily weld up beefy steel backets to supplement the aluminum and to cradle the motor for its mounting to the motor cradle that used to support the six-cylinder gas engine.

More later! (I'll add an epilogue when it's all in.)

Then, of course, comes all the usual conversion work... batteries, controllers, pot boxes, fuses, shunts... good stuff.

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