The Freeway

last updated 8/13/98

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I just can't do it! I can't adulterate the Freeway! I was going to convert it to electric, but it deserves to be restored, not changed. I wrestled with this, I've flip-flopped on my decision, but finally I have decided on preservation. Consequently, I have sold it to a man up in New Hampshire who is going to do just that.

1980 Minneapolis Tribune story

Freeway by H-M-Vehicles

(The "H-M" stands for "high mileage.")

The origin of the Freeway.

A very nice guy named Dave built about 700 of these in Burnsville, Minnesota, starting in about 1980. It's partly a response to the gas crisis. Capable of about 100 mpg and 65 mph, it was a very practical commuter design. A one-cylinder lawn tractor motor pushed this fiberglass-bodied, steel-framed "three." There were also a few electric models made. Unfortunately for H-M-Vehicles, the gas crisis ended (and now just look where we are, awash in cheap gas and lost amongst SUVs) and the company did not survive.

Freeway by HM Vehicles

My Freeway.

I was at least the fourth owner of this one, MIT got it from somewhere, then it went to a motorcycle repair shop, then to a nice local guy named John Beucler, and then to me. It hasn't fared too well over the years; many parts are missing or wrecked. (In the picture, you may notice the absence of "glass," a missing door handle, faded color and some rust.)

Preserving a rare vehicle.

Though it's in tough shape and incomplete, it is nonetheless one of only 700 Freeways ever made. A nice feller named Dan has recently become its custodian; he and his son are going to start working on it at a reasonable pace. Here's to you, Dan! Off it goes. Good luck!

Arrivederci, Freeway!

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