Politics / George W. "Dubya" Bush and the 2000 Election

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 Don't Blame Me, I voted for Jimmy Buffett Thanks, Adam L., Dec. 2000, who adds, "if only everybody had this attitude."
BUSH/CHEATED (In BUSH/CHENEY logo) Thanks, Adam L., Dec. 2000, who adds, "clever."
 Bush Woman Thanks, Adam L., Dec. 2000, who adds, "Middle aged suburban housewives with this on their car. Ewwwww,
Need I say more?"
Don't Blame Me. My Vote Didn't Count!

One person, one vote (may not apply in certain states)

It ain't over 'til your brother counts the votes

Bush: Hear no evil
Harris: See no evil
Baker: Evil

The last time somebody listened to a Bush, folks wandered in the desert for 40 years

Campaign spending: $184,000,000.
Having your little brother rig the election for you: Priceless.

A ballot in the hand is worth 2 for Bush

Spurious George Goes to the White House

Katherine Harris, U.S. Ambassador to Chad

Re-elect Al Gore

Al Gore invented the Internet. George Bush invented the blank stare.

Dubya, Dubya, Dubya, Thief Dot Com

Milosevic, Fujimori, Bush - Partners in Democracy

My parents retired to Florida and all I got was this lousy President.

Grow your own dope - plant a Bush.

If God Meant Us to Vote, He Would Have Given Us Candidates

President Bush: Hail to the Thief!

Disney gave us Mickey, Florida gave us Dumbo

Don't Blame Me - I voted for Gore... I Think


Jews for Buchanan

What popular vote? I voted - Didn't matter
Thanks, Hedrick H., January 2001, for this great Election 2000 series.
Bush for Lawn Ornament Thanks, Melissa G., January 2001.
Don't Blame Me I Didn't Vote For His Father Either Thanks, Michael K., December 2000.
If you think we can't vote, wait till you see us drive.

We count more than you do.

If you don't like the way we count then take I-95 and visit one of the other 56 states.

We've been Gored by the bull of politics and we're Bushed.

Relax, Retire, Re Vote.

What comes after 17,311?

FLORIDA: Where your vote counts and counts and counts.

This is what you get for taking Elian away from us!

We're number one! Wait! Recount!

We can't vote, but you should see how we handle 25 bingo cards!

Palm Beach County: So nice, we let you vote twice.

Palm Beach County: We put the "duh" in Florida.

Sign on I-95: Florida this way, no that way, 5 miles, wait 10 ...

Pro-electorate's choice: Abort the pregnant chads.

The people have spoken. Now shut up and listen while the lawyers told you what they said.

Honk if you voted for Gore. That's the big button in the middle of your steering wheel.
Thanks, Becca R., for sending in this Election 2000 series.
Sore Loserman 2000 Play on "Gore Liberman 2000". Thanks, Bill P., November 2000.
NOT ANOTHER SON OF A BUSH Thanks, "WILSALY," October 2000. The sender adds, "seen while on vacation in Santa Fe, NM."
Another Coke Addict for Bush I don't know who sent me this, but it's a good one.
Read My Lips: No New Texans! Thanks, brother Gordy
Read My Lips: No New Bushes! Thanks, Camille, October 2000.

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